here’s a description of the lettorato work, and the written and oral exams & project work from the vademecum:


II anno (Dott.ssa Elizabeth Ferguson,

The English 2 course is designed to help students take a closer look at the concept of intercultural communication and culture shock.   During the course, students will be required to read and discuss two texts:

“Do Not Sleep, there are snakes”   by Daniel Everett    (any edition)   and

“River Town”   by Peter Hessler (any edition)

During class, we will be examining how a country’s history  and geography  affect people’s behaviour, through reading and video work regarding China, the Amazon Basin, South Africa, India, and other countries.

For the ORAL EXAM,  students will be required to prepare a final project.: an intercultural training dossier.    Students  will be given the choice of working in teams to prepare a dossier on Australia or  South Africa (using the books and films provided alongside their own research)  or doing individual projects, in which case each student will be asked to  use  the information they have gleaned from “Do NOt Sleep There Are Snakes “    OR    “River Town”     to  prepare a  training manual  designed  to help  prepare a new graduate for work either as an assistant to Dan Everettt  in working with the Piraha tribe, or  as  an Italian  language instructor  who will be working  at the Fuling Teacher’s  College.    Additional information regarding the types of information to include in the dossier  can be found on the class blog.

WRITTEN EXAM:   Students will be required to write an essay on an intercultural theme, using the  information gained in their two years of intercultural studies.    Students will find the two coursebooks and the information on the blog useful in  developing their   essay.





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